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Commission an Original “Short” Piano Work and Video

A unique gift tailored to the occasion | a great way to support new work

For the price of a fancy dinner, you can commission an original piano “short” by internationally acclaimed composer Garrett Fisher – and you’ll join a longstanding tradition of supporting new work by directly commissioning it (think Beethoven’s Für Elise). The commission includes:


  • An original “Short” composition (60 seconds or less) by Garrett Fisher tailored to any occasion (if desired)

  • A video and recording of Garrett performing the work at his Steinway grand piano

  • A handwritten, signed copy of the score 

  • Your name and dedication listed as part of the score forever

  • The wonderful feeling that you supported new work


What is a “Short”?

This past year Garrett started a YouTube Channel, and along with it, “shorts” – videos that are under a minute. Inspired by this new art form, he began to post original pieces for piano that were 60 seconds or less and was delighted by the new audiences that subscribed from all over the world. Since then, several viewers have commissioned new work from Garrett for a variety of occasions.


Interested in Commissioning a Longer Work?

Garrett is too. Contact him to discuss your ideas!

Commissioned by Dan Carlisle.

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