Cultivating Feedback

a 1 day workshop for artists (and really anyone) 
created by Garrett Fisher with Ken Cerniglia

It’s natural for artists to resist – or even fear – the feedback of others. But it’s this very risk-filled connection to our communities that holds the key to our growth and evolution. 


CULTIVATING FEEDBACK explores the valuable practice of receiving, processing, and responding to feedback as a way to help us release fear, increase resilience, build community, deepen our work, and achieve success on our own terms.

In the workshop we’ll:


  • Consider basic questions we have about our work

  • Identify a supportive team of allies we can engage with

  • Explore ways to process feedback that help us grow and keep us resilient


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“Among American composers of his generation, Garrett stands out because of the way he’s assimilated such diverse global musical and other artistic influences...And he’s successfully created a strong collaborative process for making multimedia productions that may be a sustainable model.”  


– Brett Campbell (Critic, Wall Street Journal)

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