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Cultivating Feedback

a pocket guide to creative survival
created by Garrett Fisher and Ken Cerniglia

Let’s face it: most of us approach feedback on our work with trepidation, if not paralyzing fear of judgment. Cultivating Feedback: A Pocket Guide to Creative Survival is an antidote to these all-eyes-on-us times, when every opinion gets a megaphone. Building on their long artistic collaboration and investigations of creative development, composer Garrett Fisher and dramaturg Ken Cerniglia aim to demystify feedback for the masses. Illustrated by real-life anecdotes of creative adventures, their practical insights and techniques transform feedback from existential threat to invaluable asset. This work is situated within a lifelong artistic journey, supported by a team of allies and rooted in practices that foster curiosity, engage conversation, and build community. Whether you’re an artist by trade or bring artistry to your job performance, the effective strategies in this book empower you to engage feedback, develop your creative process, and measure success on your terms.

Cultivating Feedback

“Among American composers of his generation, Garrett stands out because of the way he’s assimilated such diverse global musical and other artistic influences...And he’s successfully created a strong collaborative process for making multimedia productions that may be a sustainable model.”  


– Brett Campbell (Critic, Wall Street Journal)

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