Cultivating Feedback

a pocket guide to artistic survival
created by Garrett Fisher and Ken Cerniglia

We’re all artists, no matter our line of work. Unique inspiration and expression guide how we each contribute to society through our labor. Cultivating Feedback introduces and explores a cycle of artistic and professional development rooted in curiosity, questions, conversation, and community – all connected to a corps of allies.


Cultivating Feedback is a lifelong practice that unites honest vulnerability with easy-to-learn techniques to foster agency and promote confidence. Join Garrett and Ken to release your fear of feedback and make it work for you!

“Among American composers of his generation, Garrett stands out because of the way he’s assimilated such diverse global musical and other artistic influences...And he’s successfully created a strong collaborative process for making multimedia productions that may be a sustainable model.”  


– Brett Campbell (Critic, Wall Street Journal)

Cultivating Feedback: The 3 C's