Cultivating Feedback

a workshop for artists (and really anyone) 
created by Garrett Fisher with Ken Cerniglia

Join us as we explore ways to transform feedback fear into artistic liberation. This workshop is being hosted by From The Voice Of, a one-stop-shop for connecting and engaging with a community of forward-thinking singers. 


What is Cultivating Feedback?

Cultivating feedback is practice that helps us release fear, build a network of support, and develop tools to process almost any kind of feedback we receive. In the workshop we’ll:


  • Consider basic questions we have about our work

  • Identify a supportive team of allies we can engage with

  • Explore ways to process feedback that help us grow and keep us resilient

“Among American composers of his generation, Garrett stands out because of the way he’s assimilated such diverse global musical and other artistic influences...And he’s successfully created a strong collaborative process for making multimedia productions that may be a sustainable model.”  


– Brett Campbell (Critic, Wall Street Journal)

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