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Music | Garrett Fisher

Words | Narihira

In THE IRIS, Tomoe recalls the final moments with her lover and lord Kiso as he lays dying on the battlefield. He commands that she abandon him in his final moments or face eternal separation. Led by Shadows, Kiso’s spirit travels to Mikawa to seek healing and meets a mysterious character who turns out to be the spirit of the Iris. With the help of this magical being, Kiso and Tomoe confront their loss and forge an eternal bond.

Premiere: EOS Opera, Köln, Germany, April, 2014.

Benjamin Mosse (director)

Christy Fisher (choreographer)

José Luis Muñoz, Hartmut Schulz, Maria Mannisto, and Matt Richardson (vocalists), Jamin Oh (guitar), Dean Moore (gongs/percussion), Greg Bagley (6 string fretted acoustic bass), Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium) and Christy Fisher (dancer).

Image courtesy of Tori Ellison.

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