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PSYCHE, the web opera


Music | Garrett Fisher

Words | Thom Schramm

The web-based version of the opera is based on the soundtrack of the live opera PSYCHE, and consists of short films by Ryan K Adams, Ian Lucero, Luke Sieczek, and Jacob Snyder, with choreography by Christy Fisher. The series of films was presented episodically online over several weeks.


With PSYCHE, THE WEB OPERA, each filmmaker was required to use Fisher's score and recording as the backbone of their film and were given footage of Christy Fisher’s choreography (from the original production) to integrate into their respective films. Fisher's three dancers – filmed both outdoors, and in front of a green screen (allowing the filmmakers to excerpt the dancers and place them in front of other video footage) – create the presence of a Chorus that appears in various ways through the films. Beyond these requirements, Fisher encouraged each filmmaker to “make the story their own.”  While he included key sections of the libretto to buoy the story, he gave the filmmakers free reign to create films that visually explored the narrative, whether on a metaphorical or literal level.

Produced by the Fisher Ensemble.

The Fisher Ensemble
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