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Contact me if you’re interested in performing a blueprint, looking at a score, or have any questions!

The Blueprint Project

Garrett's "Blueprint" transforms composer-performer collaboration. Like an architect's detailed plan, each Blueprint is tailored to a specific scale, offering clear instructions and a unique sonic soundscape for the performer. Just as a builder brings an architect's vision to life, the performer's expertise fully realizes the musical Blueprint. In every rendition, the performer's interpretation blends seamlessly with the composer's vision, creating an immersive and captivating musical journey that melds creative insight with interpretive skill.

Composing Blueprints for Piano
Blueprints for Solo Piano
Composer's Sketchbook
Further Info

Blueprints for Solo Piano

Garrett is crafting a cycle of 72 BLUEPRINTS FOR SOLO PIANO, each reflecting different times of day and seasons to immerse listeners in the natural world. Through this project, Garrett aims to explore nature's nuances, providing a rich sonic experience that evokes vivid imagery and emotions, brought out not only by the score’s underlying structure but each performer’s unique voice and approach.

“A 45-minute suite of overwhelming textural richness, rhythmic freedom and sonic grandeur...the most immersive and beautiful new piano music I’d heard in piano lover should miss it.”

Seattle Times

In addition to creating his own realizations, Garrett is also collaborating with other pianists, including Hayley Myles, Phillip Golub, and Nicole Truesdell.

Composer's Sketchbook

COMPOSER'S SKETCHBOOK includes short blueprints that also serve as introductions to the form.

A Deeper Dive

Learn more about the notation and modes in the blueprint scores.

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