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Music | Garrett Fisher

Words | W.B. Yeats, Basho and Buson

Described by The New York Times as "a strong, unified and strikingly individual utterance of unambiguous beauty," AT THE HAWK’S WELL, based on W.B. Yeats' Noh-inspired play, follows an old man, a young man, and the hawk-like spirit who taunts them.

AT THE HAWK’S WELL is one of five plays by Irish poet W. B. Yeats based on the mythological hero Cuchulain. It was the first play in English to emulate Japanese Noh theatre.​ In the play, the “Old Man” waits to drink a well’s miraculous waters that occasionally rise up, but only when he sleeps. Having heard of the waters, Cuchulain (the “Young Man”) arrives. A silent, hawk-like figure (the dancer) watches over the two men; the three characters form an uneasy triangle in which trust is built and broken.

Premiere: Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY (2010)

Direction & Choreography: Christy Fisher

Masks: Louise McCagg

Dramaturgy: Ken Cerniglia

Shawna Avinger, Kristen Ramer Liang, Jeremiah Cawley, and David Stutz (vocalists); Margaret Lancaster (flute), Greg Bagley (6 string fretted acoustic bass), Dean Moore (percussion).

Produced by the Fisher Ensemble.

The Fisher Ensemble
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