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A new recording by Garrett Fisher 

Inspired by a Japanese Noh play in which a wandering monk meets the spirit of an iris and finds spiritual transformation through her ancient magical powers, THE IRIS is an immersive meditation on longing, beauty and the ephemeral.

THE IRIS is part of MIKAWA, a sound and sculpture installation with visual artist Tori Ellison premiered at Jack Straw’s New Media Gallery September 29 - December 8, 2017.

THE IRIS was recorded at Jack Straw Cultural Center. Recording engineer: Doug Haire. Mastered at Resonant, Seattle, WA, by Rick Fisher. The recording and production were made possible through the Artist Residency Programs at Jack Straw Cultural Center. Produced by the Fisher Ensemble. Image courtesy of Tori Ellison.

Tomoe Maria Männistö (soprano)

Lord Kiso Matthew Richardson (tenor)

The Iris José Luis Muñoz (countertenor)

Chorus 1 Jordan McClellan (soprano)

Chorus 2 Ryan Bede (baritone)

Indian harmonium, zither & percussion Garrett Fisher

The Fisher Ensemble
The Iris, a new recording
Download Box of Beauty on iTunes
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