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Music | Garrett Fisher 

Words | Garrett Fisher & Tim Appelo

MONTICELLO WAKES investigates American identity at a nexus of conflicting ideals and actions. Three fictional descendants of the Jefferson-Wayles-Hemings clan visit Monticello with claims of privilege, retribution, and doubt. As the mansion wakes to this interrogation, Slavery pulls the descendants back into history in ways both illuminating and unsettling. 

Premiere: Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles), October 16-18, 2015, featuring the Loyola Marymount Consort Singers.
Ken Cerniglia (director/dramaturg)

Dani Tirrell (choreographer/dancer)

Tori Ellison (visual designer, costumes)

Paula Davis (costumer)

José Luis Muñoz, Emily Martin & Ibidunni Ojikutu (vocalists) | Randi Rudolph (harmonium) | Stan Shikuma (Taiko) | Greg Bagley (6 String Fretted Acoustic Bass) | Garrett Fisher (Keyboards).

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