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Created by JU-EH

Music (in sample): Garrett Fisher

Composers | Dr. Hwarg/Howie Kenty, Kamala Sankaram, Niloufar Nourbakhsh, Garrett Fisher

Visual creative team | Lianne Arnold, Liv Swenson, Alan J. Carmona and Ruben Rodas.


Outer Side is a multi-layered album/concert/installation that draws connections between human emotions and the solar system through ideas of time, duality, gender, and a provocative voice. Each music piece (also referred to as sonic being) is inspired by emotions in operatic arias and the distance and texture of planets to create a multidimensional musical realm. Five young composers with different cultural perspectives (Chinese, European, Iranian, Indian) sculpt such sonic beings that exist individually as well as rotate and orbit in dialogue with each other. Outer Side seeks a side in us contemplating the ways we are perceived outwardly versus the depth of our inner experiences and emotions.

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