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PASSION TRILOGY is a full-evening staged oratorio that includes three works: THE PASSION OF SAINT THOMAS MORE, THE PASSION OF SAINT SEBASTIAN, and THREE MARYS.

PASSION TRILOGY is a humanist, universal meditation on hope and conviction. In THOMAS MORE, the Lord High Chancellor of King Henry VIII commits to “hold his pen” despite the ultimate consequence. An unwavering believer surrenders to the unknown with an arrow through the heart in THE PASSION OF SAINT SEBASTIAN. In Fisher’s newest work, THREE MARYS, a trio of grieving women find hope through encounters with facets of Jesus of Nazareth: the Son, the Teacher, and the Beloved.


This work can be performed with intermission. Performers include: 6 Vocalists (Baritone, Tenor, Countertenor, Mezzo Soprano and 2 Sopranos), Guitar, Dumbek, and Indian harmonium, and Dancer.

PASSION TRILOGY was premiered at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, in 2017.

“An extremely touching morality play about the consequences of choice, the need to be true to one’s self and follow one’s own conscience, and the struggle between temporal and spiritual values.” -Classics Today


“Hypnotic, magical, enchanting and moving…[with] touches of pure dramatic genius.”–Gramophone


“This is simply one of the most beautiful CDs I have ever reviewed.”



“The focus and beauty of the work stunned me.” –The Seattle Weekly

THREE MARYS (Scene 8) - Garrett Fisher
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THREE MARYS (Scene 9) - Garrett Fisher
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