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STARGAZER. Image courtesy of Tim Bies.

Stargazer 6-large.jpg

Music | Garrett Fisher

Words | Garrett Fisher & Thom Schramm

STARGAZER is about Galileo who was tried and censured by the Catholic Church for his belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun.


The Seattle Weekly wrote: "As in his previous operas, Garrett Fisher explores the theme of individuals in conflict with implacable forces (religion, fate, or the state) in STARGAZER, a meditation on Galileo's clash with the church (libretto by Thom Schramm). An almost liturgical serenity prevails. Solo singing, choral singing and rhythmic chanting, and spoken word (both live and taped) are underpinned and colored by English horn, cello, taiko drum, and harmonium, while percussionist Dean Moore's huge array of gongs, bells, and metal found objects, ranging in size from tea saucer to car tire and hung from a scaffold/cage built to allow 360-degree access, provide visual spectacle as well as sound."

Premiere: Pilgrim Congregational Church (Seattle), 2006

Direction: Ken Cerniglia

Eric Mentzel (Seeker), Linda Strandberg (Daughter), Dennis Kleinsmith (Saver); Taina Karr (oboe), Dean Moore (percussion), Mary Riles (cello). Conducted by Philip Tschopp.

Produced by the Fisher Ensemble.

The Fisher Ensemble
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