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Music | Garrett Fisher

Words | Amy Schrader &  Zeami

KOCHO, based on the Noh play of the same name, tells the story of a wandering Priest who meets a butterfly and "liberates" it by letting it dance under the plum blossom. The internationally acclaimed Seattle-based Fisher Ensemble has forged an original musical and theatrical style that incorporates sounds and instruments from multiple cultures, and ragas that are, in part, created by the performers, as well as from elements of the ancient Noh and Greek traditions. Premiered at Galapagos Art Space, KOCHO offers a unique site-specific environment in which to explore the dualities inherent in the FIsher Ensemble's way of working - between the poles of presentational and immersive staging techniques, and between ancient and modern aesthetics and storytelling traditions. KOCHO was produced by Beth Morrison Projects.

Premiere: Galapagos Art Space (NYC) 2011.

Direction: Benjamin Mosse

Choreography: Christy Fisher

Production Design: Zane Pihlstrom

Margaret Lancaster (flute); Dean Moore (gongs/percussion); Greg Bagley (6 string fretted acoustic bass); Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium); Jennifer Hinkle (trombone); Shawna Avinger, Maria Mannisto, Kathea Yarnell, Daniel Brylow, and Jeremiah Cawley (vocalists).

Produced by Beth Morrison Projects with support from the Fisher Ensemble.

The Fisher Ensemble
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