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Cultivating Feedback - 1 day workshop

Over the past few months, my longtime collaborator Ken Cerniglia and I have been working on CULTIVATING FEEDBACK, a 1 day workshop for artists (and really anyone). We’re beginning to beta-test it and are looking for a few people who’d be interested in taking part. If you’re interested in learning more, or just want to keep posted on the workshop, please contact me! 

About the workshop

Cultivating feedback is practice that helps us release fear, build a network of support, and develop tools to process almost any kind of feedback we receive. In the workshop we’ll:

  • Consider basic questions we have about our work

  • Identify a supportive team of allies we can engage with

  • Explore steps to process feedback that help us grow and keep us resilient

As this workshop focuses on feedback we’ve received from others, we won’t be asking you to present any of your own work. All you need to do is bring yourself.

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